Elliot Astur is a Manhattan-based singer-songwriter with a flair for the piano and pop-rock; infusing them both with a subtle but vibrant touch of the 80s. Classic and iconic artists like Billy Joel and Elton John easily come to mind but don’t think Astur’s music is stuck in one decade or on one generation. Contemporaries like David Cook, Ben Folds and the Click Five are big influences as well.

Love for performing and composing music was always a part of Elliot’s life. A drum kit followed him wherever he went, up until he left to study at the University of Michigan, which is where Elliot developed a deep appreciation for piano-based rock –although drums remain a large part of his musicality. After graduating from Michigan, it was off to the west coast, where he held a resident performance slot at the beloved, former steakhouse atop LA’s Westwood Penthouse, Monty’s.

Moving over to Manhattan after Monty’s ended its run, Elliot found New York City welcome with new opportunities to play his songs. Some of these included performances at CBGB’s 313 Gallery, the Baggot Inn and The Triad. Though composing and self-recording eventually took the front seat with Elliot’s musicianship, he’s come out of the composer’s woodshed to perform again and make a fresh start, which began with a summer performance at Googies Lounge on the Lower East Side.


     “I always have music in my head. It might be something from another artist or it may be a completely new melody –in which case, I’ll hum it into my phone so I don’t forget it. This way I can record it later if I want. Pieces of everyday life just seem to translate into music for me. It could be a simple activity like walking. For example, the melody and lyrics for my song, “Walkin’ Down Lexington” popped into my head when I was just walking down Lexington Avenue with the girl I was dating at the time.

     I tend to pick up on ambient sounds as well –not just music. I think that helps out my songwriting in some unconventional way. I’m just very tuned into sound; whether it’s a melody, chord or a bystander crunching on popcorn. A good song, or idea for one, always affects me emotionally and I hope that my songs affect others in that way too. The combination of lyrics and music needs to make you feel something. If I can achieve that, then I know I’m successful as a songwriter and artist.”

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